Canadian Day! Learning in Canada, the pros being Canadian students?
The education system in Canada is very similar to British. From this, high quality teaching, close interaction between students and teachers, a lot of attention is paid to research work.…

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Student Ticket Opportunities
In Lviv or Kamenets for 50 UAH, free entrance to museums and clubs and other student ticket opportunities. Many first-year students are wondering what to do with a student ticket,…

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The labor market for IT professionals

A couple of decades ago, the faculties of computer science and computer science trained specialists, who then sat for a long time in institutes for scientific work. The reason is simple – the elementary lack of computers in the public and in the offices. Now this specialty has become one of the most popular Ukrainian universities, despite the fact that in the real world to find its application, the computer programmer can mainly in two stages: an IT specialist – in a private company, or “at the service of the sovereign,” and a programmer in free bread. The latter love to sit in the institutes and at the departments of the faculties of computer sciences. Or create programs for Western companies. Continue reading

Why do I need IT certification?

Undoubtedly, the success of a modern person largely depends on his work. And how to achieve that the work was interesting and at the same time highly paid? So that at work there was a possibility of growth, both professional and career?

Specialists in the field of information technologies occupy a special place in the labor market. Many recruitment agencies specialize only in the selection of such specialists. And the resume of the specialist is added to the database of these agencies with the availability of special education and a certificate confirming professional knowledge. Certification is an integral part of the process of making decisions on the hiring and promotion of employees in companies. Continue reading

Site editor: head to the Internet

The front of the editor’s work on the Internet today is unusually wide. The first option is to get settled in one of the many online stores. Earnings on the Internet do not require the lease of retail premises, a large number of sales consultants, and with a competent approach to promotion, registration and filling the site can bring a good income. Editors here are irreplaceable – they can place on the page a maximum of useful information, structure it, submit simple and understandable. Continue reading

Trends in the labor market in the field of telecommunications
The most demanded specialties Speaking about the sphere of telecommunications, it is possible to allocate such most demanded specialties among qualified experts as: designers, service engineers. Demand for work by…


What is happening with the market of tutoring services in Ukraine
Every year the market of tutoring services is growing. First of all, this is due to the lack of strong training in the school curriculum, which forces many parents to…