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What is the difference between European and Ukrainian universities?

There is no topic much more important for Ukraine than the European integration and the spread of European standards. There is not much more important problem for the entrant than the choice of the future university and the future profession. And many would like the education to be qualitative and “European”. But is it worth looking for a European education in Ukraine?

Among the youth, the fashion for education abroad is growing more and more. At the same time, the student can choose the most diverse ways of earning: to buy the training itself, get a grant or go for some exchange program.

Undoubtedly, when traveling abroad, the student receives an additional number of indisputable advantages: the opportunity to travel, learn another language and make new friends. Of course, this is very important for the versatile development of the individual, but these are only indirect factors.

The key question that would probably have to be put – how is European education different from Ukrainian? What knowledge and opportunities are ready to provide Ukrainian and European universities? Is it worth to go to Ukraine or need to go to Europe? Let’s pay attention to the conditions of studying in Ukrainian and European educational institutions.

Students and professors
A Ukrainian student usually needs a diploma (bachelor’s or master’s), and an average teacher is interested in a career and money. Students absolutely do not need anything from teachers, and for teachers – from students.

This is the situation in the vast majority of universities and institutes in Ukraine. Even if we look at the domestic leaders – Kiev National University named after Shevchenko and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, then the situation will be a little better.

Of course, the teaching staff is much more professional and subjects in the specialty can be much more solid, but in general we can observe the same tendency. This is especially true in the field of business education, entrepreneurship and economics.

Typically, the professorial teaching staff is still nomenclature “Soviet”. Young and ambitious teachers find it very difficult to work for the department: they simply will not be given more “authoritative” colleagues.

Although subordination is present, it’s always possible to argue with a teacher – and your age, gender, color, and religion do not matter. Feedback is a prerequisite for the presence of a teacher at a university. In fact, why the teacher still needs, how not for students?

In search of “European” alternatives we drew attention to the Kiev Institute of Business and Technology. The collective of young professionals who are ready to always come to the rescue literally immediately catches the eye. They will always be able to evaluate your activity, comment on completed tasks, advise something, praise. And all this will not be indicative – the quality and evaluation of your work will be known only to you and the teacher.

When it comes to business education, teachers are personally interested in helping you open your own business, share experiences, knowledge and skills.

Wi-Fi access
In each academic building of the European higher education institution there is free wi-fi. And how can it be different, when the main condition for the development of the individual and the constant acquisition of knowledge is access to information? This is not only an integral part but also a necessary part of the learning process: some lessons are not possible without free access to the network.

If in terms of cooperation between a student and a teacher, Ukrainian universities can still offer something, then in the technological plan, we expect a complete failure. The presence of the Internet in each audience is at all fantastic for everyone, without exception, the Ukrainian institute and the university.

Many educational institutions have Internet access, but there are many limitations, both in terms of availability and quality of communication. For example, in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University there is a “guest” point with its own restrictions and there is a closed network requiring preliminary registration. In addition, not all wi-fi audiences are available. And the question is only about the main, “red” corps. Just imagine what happens in other institutes and universities? In hostels?

There is only hope for private universities that are young enough to understand everyday life and are experienced and professional enough to use modern multimedia technologies. Kyiv Institute of Business and Technologies is undoubtedly one of the following. Internet access is needed not only for students, but also for teachers themselves – for interactive classes, presentation of presentations, etc.

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