Your e-mail address is your business card
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The Internet is one of the key methods of employee search
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US Educational Programs for Ukrainian Students
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What to do to students who have not passed this year?

Many of the students were not able to obtain the required number of points for admission to higher education, and are forced to postpone entry to the universities for the next year or to choose college or technical colleges. There is also the possibility to go to higher educational institutions or courses abroad, but the cost of such education is usually several times higher than the ability of Ukrainian parents.

Why do failures happen on VNO?

The unsuccessful VNO is not always the bad knowledge of the student, because there are many stories from life, when even honors could not get the right amount of points due to certain circumstances.

Fear. For graduates of VNO schools – this is not only testing, it is a big responsibility. After all, the future and the fulfillment of parents’ expectations depend on the results of the assessment. It is precisely because of the fear of ruining something that entrants often make mistakes.

Stress. Preparing for VNOs is a hard work that requires a lot of concentration. Students should remember large volumes of information on different subjects, which provokes fatigue and nervous tension. Because of this state, it is difficult for students to make decisions and focus on tasks.

Pressure from the parents. Parents want their children only the best, so they remind each day of the importance of testing and sad prospects in the event of failure. Instead of self-confidence, children only get the fear of committing an error.

What should I do to make the NNO successful?
In order to successfully pass the VNO and enter the desired university, serious training is required. The next year can be useful for a future child, if you set the priorities right and choose an effective training course. The opportunity to prepare for the VNO in 2018, and then enter the university under special conditions, offers the First IT University of Ukraine, which has developed a unique pre-university preparatory program for those who have not passed the VNO in 2017, as well as for pupils of 11 classes.

During the course, students will study basic professional IT subjects, as well as prepare for HNO 2018. The completion certificate will allow you to enroll in the First IT University for a three-year undergraduate degree, that is, to receive higher education in just three years of study.

A few words about the First IT University of Ukraine

Higher Educational Institution “Computer Academy STEP” is the first IT university in Ukraine specializing in IT education. The training programs are unique authoring techniques that have received high marks for the IT industry, and teachers are practitioners from the largest IT companies in Ukraine. The university prepares bachelors and masters in specialties that are most relevant in the IT market.

Upon completion, students receive a higher education diploma, as well as obtain international certificates from industry leaders, Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk, Oracle, Google.

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