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New prospects for obtaining higher medical education at US universities

Globalization is a reality of our time: the global market, free movement from country to country, medical tourism and the like. She did not bypass her education either. In fact, in order to ensure the free movement of higher education applicants, on June 19, 1999 in Bologna, the ministers of education in 29 countries of Western and Central Europe signed the Bologna Declaration, a document that is now determining the development of higher education in Europe.

In 2005, Ukraine joined the Declaration. Since then, domestic universities have continued their continuous work aimed at achieving a high level of academic mobility and integration into the pan-European space.

The situation is somewhat different with the development of academic mobility between Ukraine and the United States. The US education system is strikingly different from the Ukrainian one: here you will not find the usual Ukrainian student of certain periods of study, nor the standard curriculum for us, which determines what subjects and in what amount to study the student. It is also important that a diploma recognized in the United States will automatically recognize countries such as Canada, Mexico, many countries in Western and Northern Europe, and the like.

In addition, in the United States, the distribution itself between secondary and tertiary education is different. Therefore, the vast majority of students of medical schools (institutes) are graduates of the so-called Premed courses: programs for preparing for admission to a medical university. Under these programs, students study biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, medical physics, the foundations of statistics, anatomy and physiology of a person. Ukrainian students study the vast majority of these disciplines at university junior high schools.

KMU Global Consulting was established in 2015 in New York (USA) for the purpose of establishing wide-ranging cooperation between the universities of Ukraine and the USA (as well as the universities accredited in the USA), which focused on the academic mobility of students from medical universities in Ukraine and the USA.

Kiev Medical University and KMU Global Consulting offer a new kind of educational service – Premed for USA preparatory course program. Before enrolling on the program, the student provides a questionnaire in which he indicates his wishes about which specialty and at which university he would like to study in the United States.

During the training, the student will be offered options for tuition at a university in the US or accredited in the United States in which the student would like to start post-secondary education or continue studying in the United States while studying at any medical university of Ukraine (Transfer to USA ») KMU Global Consulting works with about 100 universities in the United States and Canada – this choice will be offered to candidates for training.

During the year, the student takes special training in English language, chemistry, biology, anatomy and passes exams, including the MCAT, for admission to a selected medical university in the United States or accredited in the US University.

Exams for admission to US universities or accredited universities in the USA are students in Ukraine.
The program includes a year-long Premed for USA program (55 credits that can be partially or fully taken over with further US specialization training), MCAT examinations, and full informational support (including visa support) for enrollment to a university in the US or Canada.

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