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Skills of the XXI century: how to get them at school?

Leaving the school walls, today’s graduate should approach any business with creativity, flexibility and own vision, orient in the information space and use modern technology, be initiative and responsible, cooperate with others and be a leader. Such a set of skills was called “Skills of the XXI Century” and was determined by outstanding teachers, business leaders, academics and government agencies as a necessity for a modern person.

But how to integrate the study of these skills organically into a well-established school system? How to change the learning model without additional stress on teachers?

The answer to these questions was the “Leader in me” program, which now employs more than 3,000 schools worldwide. The program helps to train schoolchildren for leadership and skills in the 21st century, and its authors and those who implement it consider each child gifted and capable of being a leader. In the context of the program, the concept of leadership differs from the commonplace understanding of the leader as a leader and leader, and above all means the ability of a person to be the leader for himself: to manage his own life and build it on his own will. Thanks to this approach, children learn with pleasure, harmoniously develop, feel important and necessary at every minute of school life. On the other hand, the program also applies to the educational process, considering that changes in schools begin with each participant. With the beginning of the program at school, it first learns the principles of the teacher and the administrative staff, which then brings them to the children during the training. It brings together teachers and students, helping them to be on the same wave.

The key component of Leader in Me is Steven Covey’s Seven Skills for Highly Effective People Program, adapted for educational institutions. This is a synthesis of universal principles of personality and interpersonal efficiency, such as responsibility, cohesion, teamwork, etc., which are equally understandable for people of all cultures.

Children’s version of “7 habits” sounds like this:
Habit # 1 I’m proactive

I am a responsible person, I take the initiative, I choose how to act, how to deal with, what mood I have. I do not blame others for their wrong actions. In order to act correctly, I do not need to ask someone about it, I do it correctly, even if nobody sees it.

Habit # 2. I know my goal

I plan ahead and set goals. I do what matters. I am an important part of my class and are guided by a school mission and vision. I try to be a decent citizen.

Habit # 3. I do first important, and then urgent

I spend my time on the most important things. This means that I say “no” to what I do not need to do. I set the priority, make up the schedule and move on the plan. I am disciplined and well organized.

Habit # 4. I think in the style of “win-win”

I keep a balance between what I want and what others want. When the conflict begins, I’m looking for a solution in which both sides win.

Habit # 5. I first listen to the other, and then I explain my own

I listen to the ideas and feelings of others. I want to see the situation from the point of view of another. I listen and do not interrupt. I listen with ears, eyes and heart. I am confident in expressing my ideas.

Habit # 6. I create a synergy

I appreciate the strengths of other people and learn from them. I establish good relationships with others, even with those who do not like me. I work well in a group, because I know that in a team we can find better solutions than singles. When there are two options, I always look for the third alternative.

Habit # 7. I timed the dust

I eat right, do physical exercises – take care of my body.

I study a lot of new things, and not only in school – I care about my mind.

I spend time with my family and friends – I care for my heart.

I am devoting myself to helping people – I care for my soul.

I keep a balance between all parts of my life.

According to the official website of The Leader in Me, as a result of the implementation of the program:

the students become more confident, more initiative, creative, sociable, work better in the team, pay more attention to self-study;
school culture improves;
discipline is greatly improved;
teachers are proud of their students;
parents are happy with changes and are more involved in the process.
The first and the only Ukrainian school that introduced the Leader in Me program was the Novopecherskaya School in Kyiv. The Ukrainian education program is here supplemented with world-leading techniques that help to easily master the skills of the 21st century in the learning process. Most tasks in classes are carried out in groups, which develops communication and team skills, and the tasks themselves need to be approached with creativity and own understanding. In addition, the interests of children are strongly supported by the school, so, after basic academic training, students can choose

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