US Educational Programs for Ukrainian Students
How to obtain a higher education for Ukrainians in the US with a scholarship and gain an incredible experience. The Esperanto Study Travel Company, which facilitates the training of Ukrainian…

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Information Technology Specialist
Without computers, we can not do without, and people who are in them - all over again. Canada, Germany and other countries give green light to foreign IT specialists, only…

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Canadian certificate of secondary education in Ukraine is a reality!
Enrolling in the Canadian University, the student gets the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge and to pursue a profession, but also the opportunity to immigrate to Canada after receiving…

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Travel Agency Manager: Portrait of an Ideal Candidate

Travel agency employees as a “bonus” have a chance to travel to promotional tours, getting to know new resorts and hotels or accompanying groups. And for the good money – the average salary of travel agency manager can reach up to $ 1000.

In general, this specialization involves frequent movements, continuous improvement of qualifications and, as a result, career growth. The universal recipe for success looks like this: the first component is solid education, the second is an impressive work experience, and the third is a suitable personal qualities. Experience begins to gain even during study, which usually involves paid practice. Thus, there is an opportunity to begin to compensate for their expenses even during the study process.

Behind the magnificence of marble halls of hotels, the cleanest beaches of club resorts and cozy halls of expensive restaurants is a tremendous amount of work. Hundreds of employees are regularly cleaned, refueled, cleaned, shabby … Unfortunately, both at the hotel and in the travel agency – especially in the peak of the season – you need what is called “plow”. Often this is physically hard work, so the first quality that you need to work in this area is hard work.

Most operations – such as room make-up or mixing Sex on the Beach – require a certain sequence of steps. To ensure that it is not violated, a strict hierarchy is observed within each unit: the supervisors are over the maids, and in their turn, the top managers are watching. Naturally creative, accustomed to doing everything in their own way, in such a framework will not be too comfortable.

Smile is the key to success
And in the hospitality industry nothing can be done without … a smile. The non-communicative, ever-frowned person is not a place here. The success of a travel agency manager largely depends on his ability to set up not just formal but friendly relationships. You should always be in a smooth and good mood.

It also has a pleasant, exquisite appearance, good manners and neatness. Tourists come from different countries, therefore, the ability to speak languages ​​is not superfluous. You should also be a good team player to replace your colleague if necessary.

Where and how to learn?
Training for both hotel and tourist management is conducted within the framework of the same programs. At first, students study all aspects of the hotel’s operation and travel agencies: work in the kitchen, reception and accommodation of guests, room service. The curriculum also has the basics of information technology, accounting, marketing.

The system of training is organized flexibly. Knowledge can be obtained as shallow swallows, gradually rising through the career ladder, and gliding, so that from the very beginning to qualify for positions of managerial level. The academic year includes, as a rule, one semester of theory and one semester of practice.

Abroad, most of the career paths in this business start with a certificate that gives you the right to perform the simplest work. Training in this case lasts six months and a year. Then, after gaining experience, you can go one more course of study and get a diploma, and if you continue your studies, then the diploma.

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