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Your e-mail address is your business card

Everyone knows the old saying “Meet the clothes, follow the mind.” In the world of information technology where we live, we are increasingly met for the first time through electronic communications. And the undisputed leader among them is e-mail or just an e-mail

I have long wanted to share this overwhelming topic. It’s disgusting to see how many candidates are denied immediately after reading the sent e-mail, and some letters are deleted, even without reading. Why?

Of course, the first thing that strikes the eyes is spelling and grammatical mistakes. Even if you have problems with spelling, the letter is not a dictation by writing, it can be checked thousands of times. You send information about yourself to the whole world. But we will talk about this in more detail in the section “How to write a resume.” And now about the other.

No one challenges the human right to privacy. Nobody argues that every person can express himself, as he thinks fit and call himself what he likes.

Prices for laptops. ACER: PhotoMag / CAPTCHA in

But when a person gets to work, you need to look at yourself, put yourself in the position of your potential employer.

I had to receive thousands of letters from the candidates – sometimes it was very insulting, and sometimes, sorry, I could not keep a smile while looking at the email addresses. Most of these letters were simply removed.

Tip: set up a separate e-mail address for a job search.

It can be called as you like, for example: svoedelo @ …..; crazy @ ….. 12345 @ …..; moyafamiliya @ …..;

etc. It will look more professional.

But do not need to send the following to the employer:

The head of the personnel department, the woman claims to be 48 years old. The address yagodka-malina @ …..

Personal secretary, girl, address dark_evil @ …..

Office manager, boyfriend, address hellgateskeeper @ ….

I’m not saying that the overwhelming majority of the women’s population can not call themselves a favored name. Katyushechka @, anecdote @, zhannulka @ …; marushechka @, lariska_murzilka @ … etc Do you think I came up with something? We continue the hit parade without comments:

Frick-del-ka @ …; hot-flame @ ….; girl_of_death @ …; kisapusya @ ….; kotenochek @ …; yolo4ka @ ….; belchonok @ ….; romanticangel @ …; demon @ ….; ya-euphoria @ …; witch88 @ …

Well, and the absolute winner of the hit parade: 3asranka@ …. ru

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