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The labor market for IT professionals

A couple of decades ago, the faculties of computer science and computer science trained specialists, who then sat for a long time in institutes for scientific work. The reason is simple – the elementary lack of computers in the public and in the offices. Now this specialty has become one of the most popular Ukrainian universities, despite the fact that in the real world to find its application, the computer programmer can mainly in two stages: an IT specialist – in a private company, or “at the service of the sovereign,” and a programmer in free bread. The latter love to sit in the institutes and at the departments of the faculties of computer sciences. Or create programs for Western companies.

The natural environment of the first category of computer engineers – the offices of companies, where they are renamed the systemadmins. Moreover, the number of such specialists is directly proportional to the number of computers in the company: starting from 2-5 cars, which require constant attention of one specialist, and ending with huge office systems, numbering from 200 to 500 machines, over which they work 4-10 sysadmins.

It is easy to calculate the required number of system administrators. On average, one computer specialist is required for the office network.

This is confirmed by the figures: in comparison with 2005 this year this indicator grew by 101%. Although the demand for competent IT personnel is growing at an annual rate, the hunt for such specialists is not yet clear. About its occurrence it will be possible to speak in three or four years in view of the arrival of large foreign companies on the Ukrainian market.

Small companies often solve such problems by outsourcing (from the English outsourcing – attracting external resources to solve specialized tasks). After all, the content of a full-fledged and accurate IT-service clock mechanism is too expensive for a start-up company. The work of one “coming” specialist will have to pay a minimum of $ 1,000 a month, but then you will not have to take a staff of 2-5 employees.

The range of tasks that the company’s management is trying to “hang” on the IT department is expanding every year. Now the usual sysadmin carries out several functions – from installing the necessary office programs, building a network and maintaining it in proper condition until the new “bugs” of Ukrainian bosses: the introduction of mobile technologies in the central office and regional offices, displaying the status of monitors of all employees on the screen of the boss, installing ” spyware “programs. Every year, the requirements for the IT department of companies are growing. Not every system administrator is able to easily and quickly issue the desired product, so they are looking for competent professionals.

Eternal student
Getting specialized education and becoming an IT specialist in Ukraine is easy – almost every technical university or “multi-disciplinary” university has faculties of cybernetics, computing systems and so on. It is traditionally highly valued by the diploma of the KPI and several regional higher educational institutions, where study on a contractual basis will cost $ 2-3 thousand. per year. However, as the system administrators and programmers themselves specify, for employers an important supplement to the diploma is a few additional “crates” received after the examination of Microsoft, Cisco and others. The cost of a five-day course will cost an average of $ 300-600, and access to testing, after which you can get a diploma, – even at $ 200-400.

In this case, the Sidadmins note: only 40% of companies pay for their employees additional courses and seminars. But experts are actively engaged, seeing in them an opportunity for professional growth. In the process of work, everyone aspires to acquire new skills and their documentary confirmation, certification. This significantly increases the “value” of the specialist himself, therefore the investment in the study will eventually pay off.

Good IT specialists need not only specialized education, but also knowledge of a foreign language. Programmers do not particularly suffer from lack of knowledge of the language – they speak English within the correspondence. And while developing programs, in parallel receive a few additional diplomas – the fact that in the ever changing world of computer technology to learn constantly, recognize everything.

Not costly payment
With such a tense training and work schedule, rewards for their work are not satisfied with everything. IT specialists point out that their work is clearly underestimated.

Beginning his work in a small company, the system administrator can hardly expect a salary higher than $ 300 in the capital and $ 150-200 in the regions. The payment of a specialist who has already undergone “military baptism” increases to $ 600-800 in the capital and $ 300-500 in the regions.

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