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Why do I need IT certification?

Undoubtedly, the success of a modern person largely depends on his work. And how to achieve that the work was interesting and at the same time highly paid? So that at work there was a possibility of growth, both professional and career?

Specialists in the field of information technologies occupy a special place in the labor market. Many recruitment agencies specialize only in the selection of such specialists. And the resume of the specialist is added to the database of these agencies with the availability of special education and a certificate confirming professional knowledge. Certification is an integral part of the process of making decisions on the hiring and promotion of employees in companies.

From the position of the applicant: in order to be confident in the future, to be competitive in the market of IT specialists, not only a large amount of knowledge and experience is required, it is necessary to pass certification and obtain the status of a professional specialist. It will provide maximum guarantees of employment in Ukraine and in any country of the world. From the employer’s point of view: in order to be sure of the maximum efficiency of investments in the information resources of the company, in order to protect the automation system from errors and failures that could result from the work of a unskilled professional, in order to improve the quality of customer service, an independent, objective confirmation of knowledge of a specialist is required.

It is precisely such, objective and consistent method of evaluating the competence of the employee, is testing in international testing centers. The questions in the tests are related to the key tasks that the specialist has to solve in his daily work. Large corporations and companies developing software products and hardware, practically simultaneously with the release of a new version of products or new equipment offer new tests. Special testing schemes are offered for obtaining various titles and statuses. For Microsoft, for example, there are eight certification programs. Novell is five, and so on. The list of companies offering technical experts to obtain international recognition and confirmation of their qualifications is large enough.

Training is the key to getting IT certification
All of the above suggests that if you still decide to become an IT specialist, then you can do without the cherished certification. And to get it, it is necessary to successfully pass several tests. And what is needed for this? Knowledge!

You can buy volumes of smart books for the benefit and prosperity of modern book publishing business. And then drown in the boundless rivers of technical information. Of course, it is possible to swim, but not the fact that during this time all that you have mastered so hard will remain relevant.

You can arrange for low-paid work and trying to master the process of trial and error, for example, Microsoft Windows. And it is not known how it will end.

There are a number of other, more modern ways of acquiring knowledge. These are videocourses, computer programs for self-education, distance learning, online training online, but the most simple and reliable way is learning in real-time. Moreover, if you want to get the maximum result for a minimum period of time, then you need to select the training in an authorized training center.

Authorized training
Classes in such centers are conducted according to the methods developed by the manufacturers themselves. And this means that during the training all the most complex and important topics will be considered, all questions concerning the product under study will be discussed. Branded training manuals, which contain notes of lessons and practical exercises, will help you to master the material better. And after the course, you can at any time turn to them as the most accurate reference literature. A certified instructor has not only technical knowledge, but also pedagogical experience, which is very important when submitting the material, when working with a group, in carrying out practical assignments.

The main distinguishing features of an authorized training center
Most large corporations that develop software and hardware products such as: Oracle, Novell, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Informix, SCO and many more – provide their customers with a unique opportunity: learning by authoring techniques. Uniqueness is obvious, since who better than the manufacturer knows his product and understands how to learn how to work with him. There are entire branches in corporations that develop techniques for their training centers or for training partner centers. To become such a partner you need to go through the authorization process. There are various affiliate programs: Microsoft CTEC, Novell NAEC, SCO AEC, Oracle Partners Program – each of them describes rather stringent requirements for training centers that want to become authorized.

Naturally, programs and requirements are very different from each other, but the main points about

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