Your e-mail address is your business card
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Free simulator for developing practical programming skills

There is a natural question: how to learn programming? The first thing that comes to mind is to buy a book “Programming for Dummies”. Examine all terms, learn all the code examples and take pride in your knowledge. But what is the point? After all, a good programmer should not only know, but also be able to apply their knowledge in practice. Therefore, if you really want to become an encoder, you need to look for other simulations of the exercise.

And what if I join the open source project? They say that the team is easier. This, of course, yes. The idea is good for those who are a little shy in such a difficult business as programming. Well, and if you do not mind, you can still connect to such projects, thanks, on the Internet they are full. They are stored on such services as GitHub, Sourceforge, gitorious and others. Here you will be able to look at other people’s works in the field of programming, show their own and ask questions. There are only a few minuses:

When you see some kind of ingenious code on such projects, you can fall into depression for many months, close yourself and completely abandon programming, because the thought may come to your head: “I will never reach such heights as this guy, who wrote a calculator on Pascal. ”
Often beginners, having got, for example, on GitHub, are lost, do not know where to start and they have to deal with it for a long time.
We conclude that the open source project is a cool thing, but for beginner training it is not quite suitable.

So what to do? Start programming right now! Yes, yes, without thinking, start the same moment. This is the best way to learn.

Now you are determinedly tune in and ready to fight with all the difficulties that can be on your way to your goal. But it’s not easy for you to find, where to start and what to choose for yourself in programming. Do not worry, this problem is solved. There is a free service to develop programming skills. ITVDN Skills is an online ITVDN programming tutorial project whose goal is to help consolidate the knowledge gained after viewing video lessons. At ITVDN you master the theory, and with ITVDN Skills you pump the level of practical skills and you can understand whether there are gaps in your knowledge.

ITVDN Skills is a grouped practical assignment, after which you will be able to form the idea of ​​programming, choose a specific direction for you, and develop practical skills, because you can only learn how to program it by writing code.

Now you know where to start and you can choose your own practice room. The service offers a selection of technologies of different levels:

C # Starter
SQL Essential
C # Essential
JavaScript for beginners
The workshop on C # is divided into two parts: Starter – for beginners (as most are readers of this article) and Essential – for those who have already learned some of the secrets of C #. So, if you are going to award C # the first place on the pedestal of your practical skills – start boldly with Starter. Before you start, be sure to check out the C # Starting at

If C # does not interest you or you understand that it’s not yours, you can start learning another language with courage. JavaScript, for example, is not a candidate? And there is a workshop on it. At ITVDN Skills, it has been created for beginners as well as for people who have encountered programming earlier. Having passed it, you will learn to analyze the code, you can understand that it will show at the exit, and, of course, “nabiesh” hand.

When performing the tasks of the workshop, hints are given everywhere. This is very helpful at the initial stages. Also, the service is distinguished by the special convenience and attractiveness of the interface. So, to work out the technique and apply in practice the acquired knowledge will be pleasant.

What conclusions can be drawn by digesting all the above-mentioned advantages of ITVDN Skill? Of course, this service is useful in developing practical skills and consolidating the material passed from the course you study. It is also convenient, simple and interesting. Do not wait! Try and estimate yourself!

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Your e-mail address is your business card
Everyone knows the old saying "Meet the clothes, follow the mind." In the world of information technology where we live, we are increasingly met for the first time through electronic…