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The Internet is one of the key methods of employee search

Asking today the question of whether to use the Internet to find and recruit staff looks ridiculous, since the answer to it is known in advance: of course, it is worth it. So, according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, most leasing companies are satisfied with the results of Internet search engines. Nevertheless, more than half of the employers who use the services of these sites are going to spend more money on finding new employees through the network.

If three years ago the work of the Internet was mainly searched by computer experts, today the market of vacancies and the resume is more than diverse. Also diverse in technology and search for candidates on the Internet. Modern recruiters are turning to help in recruiting staff in the space of paid resources, whose owners thoroughly “filter” the information received in the database, as well as offer their users a whole arsenal of additional services. Detailed search forms in the database, distribution of vacancies by target groups, publication on several dozen target resources, targeted advertising and much more. What do these results say? They only confirm the idea that, despite its main advantages: efficiency, breadth of audience coverage, purposefulness, cheapness, etc., recruiting can still not solve many practical problems. On the first place among the censures is the necessity of candidates, the second – inadequate summaries, and already on the third, with a big difference from the first two – the difficulty in finding a suitable candidate. Of course, it is possible to talk a lot about the fact that not all specialists read their vacancies and published a resume.

A special article for electronic recruiting is corporate websites, which are actively used by companies to “brands” for personnel search. Most of the leading companies on corporate websites have pages dedicated to hiring staff and vacancies of the company. And if even ten years ago a third of the world’s largest companies used corporate websites for hiring, then now such companies are almost 90%. At the same time, in search of work on corporate sites are turned not only young professionals. The popularity of the Internet as an information search channel is growing: more than half of the companies surveyed began to use the Internet more often to search for staff.

First of all, the Internet is hunted by mid-level specialists (47.8% of the companies surveyed). Tops prefer direct search (headhunting). And the vacancies of low-skilled workers are closed by means of announcements in newspapers, educational institutions, employment centers and applications to staffing agencies. The Internet for many is the main source of information about potential candidates. On the Internet for this there are all – sites about work, bank forums, social networks, search sites. For online search of employees in the bank use passive, active and semi-active search types. Passive refers to the placement of job vacancies on the Internet. Active suggests looking for information about potential working professionals from other organizations. Semi-active direction – search for candidates posted on the sites posted on the sites.

One third of companies (34.8%) are looking for employees of all levels on the Internet, ranging from low-skilled specialties to top positions. “We use the Internet to find all kinds of personnel. The only exception to the preference for other search engines is the need to find consultants. In such cases, more often resort to the Hadhantinga.

For Internet executives, they are not the main source of job search, but they also do not neglect them. Continuing to work in any company, they periodically review the offers of employers on the Web.

Specialists whose work is not connected with a computer is much harder to find through the Internet. If job candidates are needed then the ad on the Internet will not have the same effect as when looking for a financial analyst.

The Internet is one of the key methods of employee search
Asking today the question of whether to use the Internet to find and recruit staff looks ridiculous, since the answer to it is known in advance: of course, it is…


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