Profession - webmaster
In fact, the webmaster is a very vague concept. After all, in order to create a properly working site, at least three specialists are required: a web programmer (combining programming…

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How is it better to prepare for the OUT and the STA in English
There are not so many examinations left, so it's time to prepare for the state final certification (STA), and, of course, to the external independent assessment (ZNO), because these exams…

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Site editor: head to the Internet

The front of the editor’s work on the Internet today is unusually wide. The first option is to get settled in one of the many online stores. Earnings on the Internet do not require the lease of retail premises, a large number of sales consultants, and with a competent approach to promotion, registration and filling the site can bring a good income. Editors here are irreplaceable – they can place on the page a maximum of useful information, structure it, submit simple and understandable.

The theme of online stores can be very different – from the sale of fashion clothing or computers to providing photo services. The editor (sometimes referred to as the content manager) must timely make changes to the catalog of goods, search for and publish thematic news, market reviews, publish test results, and, moreover, monitor the attendance of the site and its position in the search engines, to know how important it is. for the company’s success website promotion.

Editor for corporation
The second option is to work in one of the companies that has its own website. Today, many companies have their “representation” on the Internet – it is necessary to maintain the image and search partners. At a competently developed corporate website, anyone can quickly and visually get acquainted with the history of the organization, its services and employees, news, events, etc. and make their impression of the company. And how much it will be favorable – it depends directly on the content (content) and design of the site.

Corporate sites of commercial organizations require from the editor not only computer literacy and knowledge of basic programs, it must also understand the products of the company, the situation in the market of the corresponding goods, understand how the company position itself in the market. In small companies, filling out a site usually answers one of the ordinary managers, at best, a PR manager who has to write materials for the site independently, since it’s just not meaningful to keep an editor in the state of the board for a few small articles a month.

Workplace – “electronic” media
In the electronic media, the talent of the editor can be deployed to the fullest. Recently, more and more electronic publications have appeared, and conventional print media, television programs and radio stations are increasingly moving to an alternative internet format, combining both forms of information submission. And everywhere competent experts are required.

Editors of the electronic media are engaged in the search and placement of information, interact with the authors, rule the texts of journalists, place advertisements and monitor its effectiveness, work with photos, communicate in forums with visitors to the site.

Mobility, stress tolerance are needed here, and contact and communicative co-operation with the authors of materials, advertisers and respondents are necessary. Often, there is a need to post some news in the late afternoon or on the day off – and then the editor “leaves the network” from the house or from the Internet cafe.

If the site is an electronic version of the print edition, the editor publishes newspaper materials (either in full or in the form of announcements) on the site, blocks of news that the newspaper simply does not contain, supports additional sections that are specific to the electronic format of the newspaper or magazine.

Site ideologists
Most of the sites on the Internet are thematic: devoted to sports, politics, music, entertainment, home economics, etc. Their main task is to attract a certain group of regular visitors, which will be targeted advertising. It is with the advertising banners owners of thematic sites and receive the main income. Editors come up with interesting topics, write and edit materials, pick photos, moderate thematic forums.

The larger the organization, the more employees are involved in maintaining the site, and each has its own heading, topics and a range of problems that need to be highlighted (politics, economics, social issues). Requirements for editors depend largely on the specifics of the company’s activities. For example, a site about museums needs a person who is able to work with basic computer programs (Word, Excel, Outlook Express) and is well acquainted with the history of culture and art, and the game portal is a specialist with experience in the field of gaming, who knows how to conduct websites from scratch “, To work and program.

The first steps
If you decide to become an editor of the site, you must first decide on the topics you are interested in (news, politics, trade, culture, music, etc.) and start collaborating with the site as an author: write articles, process data, and offer ideas.

To write the test materials should be approached as responsibly as possible – it is according to them that the editor of the site will form an opinion about you. In addition, in the daily editorial work, you and yourselves will have to constantly look for new authors and, accordingly, evaluate their work.

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