Innovation Campaign 2015-2016
The opening campaign this year has not changed without changes. analyzed the most significant innovations faced by entrants when entering the universities in 2015-2016. The opening campaign in 2015…

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New prospects for obtaining higher medical education at US universities
Globalization is a reality of our time: the global market, free movement from country to country, medical tourism and the like. She did not bypass her education either. In fact,…

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Programmer: genius is overwhelmed

In his head, numbers, algorithms and original ideas are built into useful, simple and affordable programs that can ease the lives of millions of users of personal computers.

A good start to your career can be joining a group of programmers in the development of a project. Major projects often attract Western companies that “buy” programmers. The problem of “brain drain” in this profession is one of the most acute. However, today, programmers have plenty of work – they are needed both for domestic software development companies, and for any firm where there is a computer network and it is necessary to adapt and customize the software for the needs of the organization.

I would invent the BIOS …
Demand in the labor market for programmers is high, but competition is also relevant. Finding an interesting and highly paid job will only be possible if you know your business “excellent”. One of the most difficult in programming is the development of system software – services that control the components of the computing system (processor, communication and peripheral devices, as well as those that are designed to ensure the functioning and performance of the entire system (boot loaders, operating systems, device drivers, etc.). etc.). Such specialists today are not too in demand because practically all products of this kind are produced abroad. Aichi is a highly paid job in Western companies.

Creators and “encoders”
Another front of work for programmers is the development and creation of software (software) that offers certain services to users (text editors, accounting software, games, software for video surveillance systems, databases, etc.).

Requirements for such programmers depend on the needs of the employer: from the basic knowledge of the most popular programming languages ​​(Delphi, Java, C ++, etc.) and the ability to eliminate the malfunction of any office equipment to such rare skills as Lotus Notes development, knowledge of WinSock, WinInet, ATL, STL and so on

Today, specialists who adapt already prepared programs (mainly “1С: Бухгалтерия”, “1С: Склад”, etc.) are in demand for the specific features of a particular enterprise.

Web programmers
The Internet grows ever more actively with each passing year, and it’s simply not a matter of having a web site for your organization. Accordingly, there is a steadily growing need for professionals who are able to create a website and provide its technical support. Traditional requirements for web developers: knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, etc. Often, programmers have to deal with web design.

In this work there is one minus – after some time the responsibilities of a full-time web-specialist are reduced to updating the content, eliminating errors and writing simple scripts. If you are a creative person and like to work independently, it is better to discuss the terms of work and responsibilities in advance.

Another option is to find a place in a company professionally engaged in the development of web-sites by order.

Where do programmers prepare
There are a lot of self-taught programmers. Many IT specialists in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. But today, you can choose a specialty directly related to programming: “Computing machines, complexes, systems and networks”, “Automated information and management systems”, ” Systems of automated designing “,” Software of computer technology and automated systems “. By the way, these specialties are still taught mainly in state universities.

Experienced programmers advise not to look for easy ways and try to get into one of the most prestigious universities. This guarantees a high quality of training.

When preparing to study for a programmer, be prepared for serious requirements in mathematics – both at admission and throughout the entire study. So do not spare time for the “queen of science”, especially since the competition for these specialties is traditionally high.

The place to practice is better to choose yourself, and where you really can reveal your talent and show all its capabilities. Otherwise, you risk taking a few months as a PC operator or an assistant to the system.

Career and salary
The first step in a career can become a programmer intern. Large IT companies often publish similar vacancies. It is necessary to have a good theoretical training, it is desirable to know the high-level languages ​​(C ++, VB, VFP, C #, VB. Net.). The salary of a trainee is about $ 1,000. A regular programmer at an intermediate company (not IT) receives up to $ 1,500-1800, slightly more – in an organization associated with mass software development. The salary of a leading programmer is $ 2,500-3,000. The next step is the head of the IT department. Required knowledge is added to the necessary knowledge, possession of a foreign language, skills of personnel management, etc., and earnings can reach $ 4000. A good programmer can

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