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Information Technology Specialist

Without computers, we can not do without, and people who are in them – all over again. Canada, Germany and other countries give green light to foreign IT specialists, only to fill vacancies available.

“For five years, the company will either be either online or discontinued,” said Intel CEO Andy Groves in 1999. His forecast then seemed too categorical, but today even the pessimists are compelled to admit that he was right. Resisting the computerization of society is already meaningless. And so, the world needs more and more IT professionals.

Who are they? These are system administrators, programmers, web designers and other invisible front-line soldiers serving the computer world. All of them – with a proper qualification and experience – are in great demand on the global labor market. For example, the Information Technology Association of America (USA) has released data that according to the US 10.4 million people are currently working in the IT industry and 900,000 more. positions remain vacant, and half of them fail to find suitable applicants. And Vice-Premier of Ireland, who turned into the Silicon Valley of Europe, in 2000, made a special tour of India, urging qualified programmers to go to work in the country of the Celts. Special efforts to attract programmers are also undertaken by Germany, Canada and Australia.

At the same time specialists – computer scientists can count on rather high earnings. In the US, they get $ 60-115 thousand depending on qualifications and positions. per year. According to a study by TMP Worldwide, IT directors in London earn up to 202 thousand. GBP, and the usual web designer is 47 thousand. For comparison: the nurse receives an average of 18.3 thousand in the UK. GBP per year. Graduates of Australian universities can count on earnings of 36,000. Australian Dollars (AUD) per year. Well, if you take the heavens, Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison has already earned $ 47 billion, and one of Microsoft’s father Bill Gates with his $ 85 billion is the richest man on Earth.

At us the computer scientist’s profession is now also prestigious and well paid. There is a constant demand for specialists in this field. Therefore, many students are set to earn money already in the second-third year, no problems with finding a place they usually do not arise. Experts talk about the great potential of so-called offshore programming, when foreign companies place orders for software development in Ukraine.

So, there are five advantages of IT specialization. The first is an interesting job, many opportunities for self-realization. The second – you can earn a lot. The third – unemployment is not threatened. Fourth – you can work in almost any country. Fifth – you will be a truly necessary person, will help people, and for many of us the realization of this is really important.

It’s time now to figure out where and under what conditions you can study the specialties of this direction.

How to become a programmer?
To work in the field of IT, you need to have advanced logical thinking, good mathematical training, know English (universal language of the computer community) and be with you computer. With the last point there is no problem: now many families have computers and children have the opportunity to master them even in school years. But good knowledge of math is a matter of diligent studies at school. Well, if the school is not simple, but physical and mathematical. Even better, if the young programmer takes part in the mathematical Olympiads and has the appropriate diplomas.

If finance allows, you can go to study abroad (there corresponding programs called Computer Science or Computing). Abroad, the baccalaureate program in this direction is designed for 3-4 years of study. Then you can apply for a 1-2-year master’s program.

And here, and there, students study the same thing: the architecture and device of computer systems, programming languages, the organization of information systems and other subjects. Plus studying abroad – a more modern material and technical base: computers are newer, laboratories are better equipped, the Internet is everywhere and faster.

But all life will have to be learned. Constantly coming out new versions of programs, updating the characteristics of the equipment. After all, it is necessary to closely follow, not without reason, in this area are so common short courses that lead to obtaining certificates of ownership of a particular program.

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