Studying the English language
To date, no self-respecting international company will employ a staff member who does not own a foreigner. Traveling abroad, international business, studying abroad - all this requires knowledge of English…

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How can you teach to scientific disciplines
There is a teaching method that can be conventionally called training in the dark. It often happens that the education system of a country does not change for decades or…

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Work in the Internet sphere

Experts distinguish two areas in the Internet sphere. The first is business (buisiness to buisiness), and the second is directly to the consumer (buisiness to consumer). Moreover, the first direction has more pronounced dynamics and real growth prospects. There is nothing surprising about this. Business representatives have long understood what a virtual reality is, and decide for themselves to what extent they can use it for business. However, in the vast expanses of our country, one can still meet a person who has never heard such a word.

What professions have appeared in the Internet business, and which ones have gone to the background? How much are the players earning the virtual front now? What are the requirements for them?

Do you remember such a profession as a webmaster? “There were such”, – they will tell you in any metropolitan employment agency working in the field of IT. Four years ago, there was a considerable demand for them, and the specialists themselves could not find fire with the day. From that profession there were some new ones – the head, project manager, web designer, web programmer and development specialist. It turns out that the webmaster of the last century – and a Swede, and a Reincarnation, and a Dude player. Today the situation has radically changed – in the yard is a century of narrow specialization.

The virtual leader is also in deficit
Good executives are needed everywhere, including for work on the network. Recently, often in recruiting companies, applications for directors of online stores appear.

Someone will laugh: what can you sell in a store that exists only in the virtual world? Nevertheless, today many companies are actively using their Internet sites to sell their own products. Not surprisingly, there is a demand for good managers who can make business profitable.

By and large, for a competent specialist, there is no particular difference to manage. A professional manager remains the same on the Internet. Obviously, in addition to possessing the programming tools, he must own a whole package of good business education (logistics, finance, pricing pricing pricing), etc.

Project managers, based on the tasks that stand before them, can be divided into two groups. Representatives of the first involved in the technical support of the project, the selection of the team to work on it. The task of the specialists of the second group – promotion and support of the already finished site, attracting advertisers. The employer’s dream is to get at his disposal a specialist who would be able to perform all of these functions.

Web design
Web designers – creative professionals. Therefore, the main requirement for them is the availability of a portfolio (package, work list). Their path is the development of site design, page layouts, logos. In a number of organizations, the responsibility of the web designer also includes coding. They should definitely know the answer to the question “How to create your own site?”.

BannerMaker is a specialist who relates both to design and to the development (promotion) of the site. Perhaps, therefore, the practice of combining professions is very common in this sector. Sometimes bannermaker’s responsibilities are executed by a development manager, a web programmer, or a web designer. However, in large commercial projects, as a rule, there is a person who deals exclusively with the manufacture and placement of banners.

Technical writer
A technical writer is a person who describes a product produced by a company (as a rule, it refers to firms working in the field of information technology), both for the ordinary consumer and for the professional market. It also collects, systematizes and structures the information that comes from different departments of the company.

Interestingly, recently the offer has always exceeded the demand for such work. The reason is that the “technical writing” is still not taught anywhere. As a result, no matter how steep, but everyone who works now in this direction – self-taught. Everything – from beginner to professional.

According to various estimates, the income of technical writers – from 600 to 800 dollars.

Web developer
Interestingly, the names of some professions are treated differently by different specialists. For example, today there is no clear idea of ​​what a web developer is. Some people think it’s a regular programmer. Others imply under this term leadership of the group, the creation of some specific applications. Definitely only one thing – these specialists receive from 800 dollars a month.

Content Editor
Today, every reputable company has its own website or portal on the Internet. It may be a component of corporate culture or, conversely, an element of business. Nevertheless, the time when the filling of corporate sites was done by everyone is not too lazy, passed. Currently, this is a matter of content editor (sometimes called content managers) – a person whose responsibilities include text content of the site or portal, constant updating of information. And since the text and graphics are linked together in the Internet, the content editor is responsible for both

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