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Innovation Campaign 2015-2016

The opening campaign this year has not changed without changes. analyzed the most significant innovations faced by entrants when entering the universities in 2015-2016.

The opening campaign in 2015 will start on July 10. If an educational institution or an educational competition is envisaged, the documents must be submitted before July 24. Admission of documents to other universities will last until August 1.

This year, the entrants have the right to act at once in 5 higher educational institutions, and even on three specialties in each of them. But before preparing the documents, you should familiarize yourself with the innovations that have been prepared by the Ministry of Education, especially since innovations will be tested primarily on budget places.

The main innovations of the 2015-2016 campaign
1. The certificate validity period of the VNO is 1 year (earlier – 5 years).

From 2015, the VNO certificate is the main criterion for admission to a higher education institution. And if earlier, applicants who finished school before 2007 (before the introduction of the VNO) could enter universities on common grounds, now this possibility is excluded. The GNI certificate is valid for 1 year and should be dated by the year of receipt.

2. Two-level tests in the Ukrainian language / literature and mathematics (previously one-level) were introduced.

Innovation is connected with a variety of educational institutions’ profiles. For example, the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language and literature for the philological faculty should be significantly higher than for the physical and mathematical.

Now tests will involve two levels:

A – simplified;
B – complicated.
3. Only one wave of admission to universities is envisaged (previously three).

The applicant in the application for admission will indicate the priorities of higher education institutions for admission. For this purpose, the provision of points from 1 (highest priority) to 15 (the minimum priority) is provided. These data are entered into a single registry, and when you set the required number of points, the entrant will be recommended for admission to the most priority educational institution.

4. Points of the certificate are translated into a 200-point scale (previously – 60 points).

A standard 12-point school certificate will now be transferred to a 200-point scale, where, for example:

3 school grades = 118 points under the new system;
7 school grades = 152 points on the new system;
9 school grades = 171 points for the new system.
5. The principle of “passed / failed” was introduced (previously a minimum passing score was provided).

In case of failure, the entrant simply does not receive a certificate. The minimum number of points that an entrant has to collect when placing an ETA is established. In the event of a lack of points, the certificate will not be issued. If the minimum score is scored, then the results are calculated on the 200-point scale described above.

6. The VNO was abolished on foreign literature and world history.

Instead of these items, other information will be introduced, each university will be provided with detailed information separately.

7. The coefficients of the competition score formation are established.

The value of the components of each university will be assessed for themselves. The percentages will be taken into account:

Certificate of EIT (minimum 20% of the total score);
certificate (up to 10% of the total score);
creative competition (if there is, up to 50% of the total score);
points for the Olympics, preparatory courses, appendix to the certificate, etc.
Important: these innovations will undergo a kind of testing in 2015 and will operate for 20% of budget places. From 2016 new rules will be in force at all educational institutions.

Also, universities still retain the right to enact additional rules for admitting applicants, so for detailed information should be addressed directly to the desired educational institution.

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