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Admission to Poland. How to become a student of a Polish university?

Many private universities have closed down in Ukraine, the requirements for the passing of final examinations (VNO) are high. The points that the graduate has earned, having given the VNO, act by law only for one year. And if from the first attempt to succeed it will not succeed, then the exam will have to recapture. The system of admission to a higher educational institution in Ukraine is opaque and confused. Most institutions of higher education open the secrets of the passing grade and the conditions for admission to the budget only at the end of the current academic year.

Against the backdrop of high demands for a graduate and high tuition fees at a higher educational institution, the quality of education, the technical basis of Ukrainian universities, the organization of practice and the educational process leave much to be desired.

So what to do?
The answer is obvious – to get an education in a European high school. This decision is being accepted by more and more entrants each year. Admission to Poland for Ukrainians is the right way to obtain the required specialty for many reasons. If you have fears and doubts, you do not know anything about the education system in Poland, the rules of admission to Polish higher education institutions, the educational process, the cost of education, the living of students and the cost of living, read this article to the end.

Five reasons to obtain higher education in Poland

Transparent procedure for admission to college – no bribes, surprises, queues, contractors.
Poland’s confident position in the educational sphere is recognition of diplomas in the EU and other countries, huge experience of working with students from different countries, programs of international exchange, excellent technical basis of educational institutions.
Easy adaptation to life in Poland for young entrants.
Low tuition (from 500 to 2000 euros per year).
Employment Opportunity in the EU.
We did not even mention the possibility of inexpensive student travel discounts, double diplomas, organized living in good conditions, and practice in prestigious European companies.

What do you need to get to Poland?

Desire, means, school certificate and language knowledge.

The fact is that teaching in Polish universities is in two languages ​​- Polish and English. At the same time, the tuition fee in English is slightly higher. Entrance exams do not have to be handed down – both to the state and private universities. An exception to this rule is medical universities, conservatories, faculties of architecture.

In order to help you and your child choose a specialty, a college, prepare documents, go through an interview, open a study visa, enter into a training contract, find a home for a future student, and work on the project “Education without Borders”. The conditions for admission to a Polish university for the Ukrainians are simple and unchanging.

How is education system built in Poland?

By 2016, there are 450 higher education institutions in Poland, of which 320 are private. Poland has adopted the Bologna system of education, which has two main stages:

bachelor (training lasts 3 – 3,5 years);
Master’s degree (1,5 – 2 years).
There are two main differences between the Polish educational system and the Ukrainian one:

1. Age of entrants. Polish students of the first year are 19 – 20 years old, and not 16 – 17, as Ukrainian. Therefore, if you decide to train a child in Poland, then spending a year learning the language and preparing for the future specialty is a perfectly acceptable decision.

2. In Poland, much more attention is paid to the practical side of education. Students are practicing literally from the first year, and do not receive a lot of theoretical knowledge without practical examples.

How to get to Poland through the project “Education without Borders”?

To begin with, the good news is that the entire admission procedure will take place in Ukraine. The project “Education without Borders” is empowered to hold both an information campaign and an introductory campaign.

Your benefit from co-operation when you arrive in Poland

By choosing an experienced partner (10 years of successful work with entrants from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus), you will focus on the main thing – proper guidance, choice of the future specialty, preparation for adaptation in the new country.

All other questions – with the documents, organization of payment, obtaining a student visa, the choice of housing – give the experts. Our partners are all our universities – all Polish universities. You will get a guaranteed result – entering college, save time, nerves and money.

Education without borders works with:

graduates of 9 classes (secondary vocational education in Polish lyceums, technical schools or vocational colleges);
graduates of schools;
bachelors who wish to continue their education in the magistracy;
as well as those who want to receive a second education and a diploma of the EU.
Our project operates under the patronage of the Central European Academy of Training and Certification (CEASC).

You can subscribe to the project page and receive the latest information about education in Poland right in your news feed. You have new opportunities, exciting prospects with quite reasonable investments. Invest in the future – fill out the form and write down for a consultation!

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