Higher education in the Czech Republic

The first high school in the Czech Republic was opened in 1348, and today there are about 30 major state universities that offer more than 1000 different specialties. The diplomas of these universities are recognized not only throughout the European Union, but also in most countries of the world.

General information
The Czech Republic is one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union. the Commonwealth, which in a short time managed to build a strong and stable economy. As a consequence, it is one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

You can find out more about admission to colleges in the Czech Republic here: http://www.studex.org.ua/razdel/obrazovanie-v-chehii

Principles of receipt
In Czech universities, unlike in Poland, you can study equally with Czech citizens, i.e. – free of charge. The only condition is the knowledge of the Czech language. You can choose either private universities or study in English, then count on getting education on a contractual basis.

To enter the State Higher Education Institution and receive higher education in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to take exams on specialized subjects in the Czech language. Entrance exams can be presented in the form of written tests, as well as simple interviews in Czech or English.

The beginning of admissions commissions at the Universities is due by the end of February and can continue until June-July.

More detailed information on the dates and the process of filing must necessarily be specified in the higher education institution in advance, as often these changes are made each year.

Documents and requirements for filing
For each institution, a set of documents and requirements is individual. The approximate list is as follows:

Original school certificate with an application or a bachelor’s degree + nostrification.
Notarial translation of a certificate (diploma) with an attachment to the Czech language (in the case of admission to the English-language program, the notary must be translated into English).
Copy of confirmation of payment (contract form of training).
2 photos 3×4.
Copy of passport (com) – pages with photos and registration (internal), visas.
Copy of the insurance policy.
Permission for parents to study (applicants up to 18 years old).
Financial guarantees for obtaining a visa.
Upon admission to any of the universities, you pay a registration fee, which varies (depending on the university) from 20 euros to 200 euros.

Differences between state and private universities
State High School. Training can be in English and Czech. Training for foreigners in English is always on a contractual basis. You can study at the State University for free.

Private high school. Training can be in English and Czech only on a contractual basis. The advantages of private universities and academies include the regular holding of a fair of vacancies and practices in private firms. Often the guys even at the time of study already appear on the note employer, with whom you can cooperate in the future.

Language training
For admission to the Czech universities, this training is the only key to success. There are a number of language schools in the Czech Republic, which not only help you to learn the language to the required level (B2-C1), but also solve all issues related to the certification of the passport and the entry. The process is simple: You go to a language school (one year or a semester course), undergo nostrification (you must be in the Czech Republic for this), take the entrance exams and go to college. That. if you do not go through the preparatory course and decide to study the Czech house, you will in any case have to come to the Czech Republic at least 2 times before entering the university.

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