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Canadian Day! Learning in Canada, the pros being Canadian students?

The education system in Canada is very similar to British. From this, high quality teaching, close interaction between students and teachers, a lot of attention is paid to research work. It should be noted that the price of training is moderate, and the cost of teaching in Canada is cheaper on average than in the United States or the United Kingdom. Canada is a leader in such areas as high technology, natural sciences, humanities, engineering. Canada also pays sufficient attention to the development of international and public relations, arts and culture.

According to UN studies, Canada ranked third in the world in terms of quality and standard of living. The level of education provided by Canada is very high, both for its citizens and for foreign students. According to the Canadian government, about 30,000 students from different countries study in colleges and universities in Canada. It should be noted that the Canadian educational system is characterized by flexibility and proximity to practical classes, and it follows from the fact that Canadian graduates have a much greater chance of employment in any of Europe or America.

The most likely question is: “What are the prices for education in Canada?”. In this plan, Canada ahead of the planet is all because of the fact that the cost of training is on average 34-41% lower than the same value for a program in Europe, and more than 2 times cheaper than in Britain. The same can be said about living it will cost you 15-20% cheaper than, for example, in the neighboring States. One of the important benefits of education in Canada is long-established Co-op programs, which will allow you to combine both learning and work and, consequently, acquire certain skills. This program is quite common, for the reason that students receive work skills in their profession, and not simply study theoretical materials. While studying for this program, the student is practicing in one of the companies offered to him, and at the end of training, and at all extend his contract up to 3 years, and then apply for citizenship upon graduation from the higher education institution.

Only facts:
Secondary education, studying at school.

Education at schools for Canadian citizens is free, students studying in schools start from 5-6 years and ends, in each province their terms are at 17-18 years.
School education is divided into primary to grade 7 and secondary school from grade 7 to 12.
Lectures and lessons are only read by qualified instructors who pass an annual certification, which enables them to maintain a high level of student knowledge.
Education at all private schools is paid, training is considered to be more prestigious, but it should also be noted that public schools provide the same level of education and are not inferior to private.
Due to the fact that Canada has two official languages, training is in English or in French.
Secondary school education for foreign children is payable. Starting at the age of 12, foreign students can begin their studies at any Canadian school.
Higher education, tuition fees at Canadian universities and colleges.
Higher education in Canada pays due attention – as a high-quality education of young people is the foundation upon which any advanced state stands. If we talk about Canada, then when redefining the economic resources of the country – much attention is paid to education.
It should also be noted that prices for higher education in Canada are one third lower than in the United States and two times lower than in the UK.
Canada is a multinational strange, in other words, an immigrant country. One of the main advantages is that to which nation you would not be treated – you will always find here your countrymen – and in a foreign country it is not a bad plus. The Canadians themselves are open to people to communicate, which actually significantly simplifies the learning process.
Upon graduation from secondary school, Ukrainian students can begin their studies in Canada. You do not need to spend a year on additional courses and tuition, such as when you go to colleges in Britain or Australia. But it should also be noted that most Canadian colleges and universities accept students from the age of 18.
Certificates and diplomas provided by Canadian colleges and universities are quoted in all countries around the world, but the fact that four top Canadian universities enter TOP-10 universities in the world speaks for themselves.
Students can issue a permit for a certain number of hours of work during study, in order to be able to pay for their tuition and other expenses.
Upon graduation from Canada, the student has the right, depending on the program, to remain and legally work in a country for up to 3 years.
Students who have received education in accredited educational institutions – it is much easier to obtain citizenship, and the process of immigration

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