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Why do parents choose their education abroad?

The Ukrainian system of education has developed in such a way that the state almost does not interfere with the current order of things. The teacher’s average portrait is getting older, many teachers stay in the field even after retirement. Talented young people in Ukraine prefer to work in the IT field or engage in business rather than go to the faculty. It turns out that 18-year-old adolescents are taught by elderly people who themselves have been studying through the textbooks of the beginning of the century, while linguistics, economics and especially computer science are developing very rapidly, demanding a modern approach and innovations.

More than 90% of programmers admit that they have learned their future specialty not in high school, and at work – more experienced colleagues or immediately in practice, fulfilling orders of foreign clients. This suggests a clear backwardness of computer education in Ukraine. Therefore, we have an enormous number of IT conferences annually, which for an ordinary programmer are the only source of theoretical knowledge in their industry. But such conferences can hardly be called educational – rather, these meetings are the exchange of experience.

The problem is not only with computer education. How many photographers do you know personally? And how many universities in the country who are preparing professional photographers? Hardly you remember at least one. The interior of the camera, the art of working with the light, artistic processing of photos, and even the ability to sell their photos – these are self-sufficient disciplines that require careful study, and half-year courses from a familiar photographer will not help. While we are only trying to understand whether this is a must or a necessity, neighboring Poland accepts Ukrainian students for studying photography, and study in the Czech Republic becomes more accessible.

While the teenager goes to school and does not think about his future, his parents are already looking at his hobbies, start talking about his progress, to understand what kind of profession their child is inclined to. In 2015, every second student attended high school enrollment courses in order to get a good test and go to school.

Since the introduction of the so-called EIT and reduced the number of budget places (by 20% in 2016), obtaining higher education in Ukraine has become a problem. At that time, studying in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and the UK has a huge number of free study programs for foreigners, which are already successfully used by Ukrainian entrants.

What attracts the European education system?

In Ukraine it is customary to assume that education is the presence of a corresponding document in the person, that is, “crust”. He carefully studied the lessons at school, read the literature on the list – ready, certificate of secondary education in his pocket. To receive a diploma in higher education, you must close all sessions and receive a diploma. On the way out, there are energetic, educated young people who have no idea what to do with their lives.

Education in Canada, Europe and the United States trains educated people of a different kind. This is a person who can creatively think and solve problems that has both knowledge and experience in his sphere, is not afraid to make decisions and to bear responsibility. A person with a Western education knows how to find his place in life and build a career. Between school and college, he still has a college that is a kind of preparation for adult life; universities are part of it, this is a special education in the chosen narrow sphere.

Ukrainian universities in principle can not be compared with the western ones. They are not in the world rankings, our graduates abroad are forced to take exams again to confirm their education. With the Ukrainian diploma you can build a career only in Ukraine.

A completely different picture with foreign education. Foreign diplomas for our employers are still in vain, foreign specialists are immediately invited to senior positions or hired as consultants with a high salary.

What do you need to get an education abroad?

You will definitely need to know the language and some preliminary preparation. Language courses are no longer a problem, it remains to find a suitable curriculum with favorable conditions for foreigners. These are now offered by Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Malta. The list is constantly updated, contact educational agencies such as Esperanto Study Travel to find out the latest offers.

In addition to quality education, such programs often include the opportunity to travel around the country, get acquainted with culture and acquire new hobbies. Many Ukrainians, while studying in Malta, become an outrageous surfer – an occupation that is inaccessible to the inhabitants of our country.

Education abroad will give your child a clear self-identification, invaluable experience and many career prospects.

Site editor: head to the Internet
The front of the editor's work on the Internet today is unusually wide. The first option is to get settled in one of the many online stores. Earnings on the…


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