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How to get to the universities of northern Cyprus


Admission to universities in the CIS countries is often a complex long process in which applicants and their parents have to spend a lot of time, finances and especially nerves. Separately, many articles can be written about the annual changes in the rules and requirements of admission to universities, the complexity and contradictions of the transfer of the CT, the YEE and ZNO, and of course, the prospects for boys to obtain the agenda of the military commissariat in the event of failure of exams. There are plenty of opportunities and alternatives to continuing education away from home today.

The options for studying students abroad will vary depending on the cost of education, the country and distances from the home, the rating of the institution of education, etc. Among the entrants and students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries, in the last ten years there has been a steadily high demand for higher education in Cyprus, which is attractive to the low cost of studying and living, lack of entrance exams, a wonderful climate and a benevolent attitude towards foreigners. The universities of Cyprus have traditionally offered quality education in English for a variety of specialties that are relevant today and will be demanded tomorrow. The development of the education sector in Cyprus has been given particular attention and support from the state.

Today in Cyprus, there are 8 universities in Southern Cyprus and 12 universities in Northern Cyprus, and the number of students in Northern Cyprus has already exceeded the mark of 75,000! There are both public and private educational establishments. The program of study at universities and colleges is usually built on an American or British system. And the variety of specialties varies from the already familiar management, marketing, tourism, economics, engineering and law to aviation and marine management, mechatronics, dance, sports management, architecture and design, piloting and navigation, and many other exotic and promising specialties. Separately, attention must be paid to scholarships and grants of 50%, 75% and 100% awarded to foreign students!

Despite the uncertain status of Northern Cyprus, all universities have numerous prestigious accreditations, international teaching staff and diplomas recognized worldwide.

Universities in Northern Cyprus have established partnerships with reputable universities in Europe and America, including: University of London, University of Bradford, University of the West Scotland, University of Warwick, Michigan State University, University of Wolverhamton, Middle East University, University of Sunderland and many others.

Admission of students to universities in Northern Cyprus takes place twice a year: in September-October and January-February. For admission to a future student, you need to provide TOEFL or IELTS exams (with a score of 500 or 5.5, respectively), or take an English exam directly at the university upon arrival. Prior to arriving at the university, you must also provide a certificate of secondary education and / or a diploma, along with a statement about the subjects and the number of hours translated into English and certified by a notary public. Applicants who do not have the necessary knowledge in English can undergo intensive language courses at universities and colleges. The university’s admissions committee will evaluate the documents received and decide on enrollment, after which it is possible to begin the search for housing.

As a rule, universities have their student hostels with spacious bright rooms and well-developed infrastructure. To rent an apartment for two or three people can be for 200-250 euros per person per month.

Apart from all, Cyprus will give you a unique experience of independent living, getting acquainted with new friends from all over the world, an opportunity to master English fluently, as well as learn to relax and travel at the same time.

Learn more about scholarships and universities in Northern Cyprus.

How to get to the universities of northern Cyprus
  Admission to universities in the CIS countries is often a complex long process in which applicants and their parents have to spend a lot of time, finances and especially…


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