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Studying the English language

To date, no self-respecting international company will employ a staff member who does not own a foreigner.

Traveling abroad, international business, studying abroad – all this requires knowledge of English at a professional level. To date, an international company that respects itself will not recruit an employee who does not own a foreigner. English is one of the main tools that regulates communication and mutual understanding between people from different countries.

Knowledge of the language is the main factor determining the success of a person. Unfortunately, the school’s foreign language course is not enough even to overcome the language barrier, not to mention any business relations.

To learn English is not when it is too late. Here’s just the case for an institution that has the appropriate licenses and rights. If you live in Kiev, then finding an institution that meets all the requirements, among the millions of self-taught, will be quite difficult.

The English courses “Edelweiss-lessons” in Kiev are a 100% guarantee that you will be fluent in foreign languages ​​after completing the full range of classes. Here you have the opportunity to study English at Pozniaky or take English courses in Troyeschyna to study grammar in detail, all the rules of pronunciation of words and many other nuances that are the key to successful communication in English.

Benefits of English language proficiency:
the first and, perhaps, the most important advantage is a good job. Just knowing English, you have 99% confidence that you can arrange for a highly paid, promising and prestigious job;
Travel with pleasure. So, while traveling abroad, you will feel confident, comfortable and not afraid of the fact that a language barrier may arise with the locals;
Large-scale access to information. To date, virtually all high-quality and reliable information on the Internet is on foreign resources;
there is an opportunity to regularly improve their knowledge, reading foreign books, watching foreign films and rewriting the Internet with foreigners.
Which course will suit you?
For those who want to learn English from scratch, it is advisable to complete a full course of study. Thanks to him, the person fully understands conversation according to the standard program.

Intensive course. For a minimum period of time, the specialists of the educational institution will help to master the basic bases of the foreign language.

Individual lessons. If you are a busy person and you can not attend group lessons, then the ideal option will be individual lessons. The schedule of visits is designed taking into account the wishes of the student.

Is there no opportunity to attend stationary courses? Then online distance education is what you need. Yes, you learn English without leaving your home.

At the end of the training course, all students, without exception, pass a test that determines their level of knowledge. This is done in order to understand the effectiveness of the classes taught, as well as for their subsequent adjustment.

If you decide to become a successful person, then a compulsory aspect on the road to achieving the goal is a qualitative study of the English language.

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