Trends in the labor market in the field of telecommunications

The most demanded specialties
Speaking about the sphere of telecommunications, it is possible to allocate such most demanded specialties among qualified experts as: designers, service engineers. Demand for work by sales managers is also substantially higher than supply. The need for mid-level managers and top managers is not diminished. These are both company executives and managers of the areas associated with the production and promotion of certain categories of products, often – completely new, unique products, the analogues of which did not exist before.

Requirements for applicants
Due to the acute shortage of specialists in the field of telecommunications, applicants are sometimes given rather loyal demands. Nevertheless, the “ideal” employee for the employer are graduates of state technical higher education institutions (Kiev Polytechnic Institute, National Aviation University, University of Communication). Ideally, the engineer-designer was trained on the products of world-renowned manufacturers of equipment at certified courses.

Profile of the “ideal” sales manager: higher technical / economic / marketing education, knowledge of products and key players in the market, experience in the field of telecommunications for at least two or three years, a wide network of contacts and a client base.

In the telecommunications sector and IT there is an active “migration” of sales managers. So, often the position of the manager of corporate sales of computer equipment, components is offered to the manager who had previously been engaged in the sale of equipment for structured cable networks, etc. Indeed, although the product is different, the audience for which the product is calculated crosses or coincides: large commercial, government agencies, banks. In this case, the manager’s database, its contact network plays a decisive role.

Due to the acute shortage of specialists, graduates of higher educational institutions with technical education are actively involved in work, even without the experience of work in the specialty. For work in the field of sales, candidates for graduates with economics, marketing education are also considered. They are provided with training directly at the workplace and / or special training on the company’s products at home courses, trainings. Preference is given to young specialists with a knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English is required in almost one hundred percent of vacancies, German – desirable).

In different companies, the functions of some experts are determined differently. For example, in some companies, the project manager deals with the search, attraction of clients, the “removal” of the technical assignment, the design and development of a telecommunications solution for the client, as well as documentation, and project management throughout the warranty and post-warranty period. In fact, such a specialist combines the functions of engineer-designer and sales manager. In some companies, the responsibilities of the sales manager and the design engineer are clearly delineated.

It is worth noting that more and more domestic companies are emerging on the market, which can offer employees a package not worse, and often even more attractive than foreign companies.

Only material compensation for motivating specialists is not enough. Interesting, perspective project, on which the top manager works – and it is almost impossible to “lure” it. For the sales manager the opportunity to independently plan their working hours, work on flexible schedules and freedom of action – important factors when choosing a job. For “old-timers”, some companies offer additional conditions – such as raising the salary “for long service”, arranging rest abroad for both professionals and their families, health insurance, interest-free housing loans, and more.

Where to look?
To attract young professionals, graduates, effectively place advertisements on job placement sites, represent the company at vacancies fairs, cooperate with the centers of employment of high schools. When searching for qualified specialists (engineers, sales managers) the placement of advertisements on “professional” websites of bankers and specialists of the field of information technologies, direct, works well. Very effective work is done to attract managers to some international databases – peculiar “business card” specialists. And, of course, the personal recommendations of specialists working in this field are effective.

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