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US Educational Programs for Ukrainian Students

How to obtain a higher education for Ukrainians in the US with a scholarship and gain an incredible experience.

The Esperanto Study Travel Company, which facilitates the training of Ukrainian students in foreign educational institutions, spoke about getting education in the United States. Universities in North America offer a wide range of programs to foreign students with preferential learning conditions.

The United States, along with Great Britain, Canada and Switzerland, is considered one of the leaders in the field of education. American diplomas are highly quoted in any country of the world, so universities and colleges in the USA are so popular with foreign students and Ukraine is no exception.

Applicants from Ukraine can enjoy some benefits in the United States. So, the NAU (Northern Arizona University) provides Ukrainians with a scholarship of $ 10,000, UCF (University of Central Florida) provides a 50% discount on tuition that runs through the Nationality Mix program – the university with more than 50,000 students is interested in attracting foreign students.

A special place in North American high schools is occupied by programs for young promising athletes. The National College of Athletics Association (NCAA), an encyclopedia of DNA, includes more than 1,200 educational institutions and other youth organizations in the United States and Canada, and supports around 450,000 young athletes in 23 sports disciplines. The championships conducted by American universities annually attract more people from North America, and the stars of student sport are as popular as the famous movie actors and musicians.

To enter the American University for a sports program, the entrant must provide the fullest possible information about his achievements: video materials, diplomas, other awards, data on the ranks, etc. In a word, all that will give the sports committee the opportunity to assess the demand of an athlete by the high school.

As a rule, educational institutions provide such students 100% scholarship and create all the conditions necessary for study and training.

Benefits of studying in the United States:
Good prospects for athletes.
Possibility of obtaining a double diploma.
Mandatory summer practice in major American companies (begins after the end of the second year). Such experience is extremely important, since it often defines the entire subsequent career of a person, it is a great start to work around the world.
The possibility of official employment in the United States for one year (available after graduation). A similar program, called OPT (optional practical training), is offered by the University of California.
Graduates of Ukrainian schools can enter one of the American colleges, and after the completion of the second year, they will continue their studies at the university immediately at the third year. Typically, college tuition costs are lower than at a university, most colleges are based in the central parts of cities, with fewer students.
In the United States, you can start learning from any of the three semesters – in September, January or April. This is very convenient in terms of organizing the trip, as there is time for a quiet registration of all the necessary documents.
Graduates of Ukrainian universities – bachelors and masters – have the opportunity to confirm their diploma in the USA. As an example, you can consider the certification program offered by the University of California.

The first phase of the program provides for a three-month certification, followed by three months of unpaid internship in a large company. The program ends with a third, also three-month, certification phase. Graduates can graduate in the United States for a further year after completing the diploma.

Esperanto Study Travel provides the necessary support to graduates of schools and universities who wish to continue their studies in the United States or to confirm a diploma at the world level. Specialists of the company will help with the preparation of cover letters, the collection of documents, the formulation of scholarships, etc.

Esperanto Study Travel teaches education in 25 countries around the world. The company cooperates with the best language, business schools and universities. Esperanto Study Travel customers can offer up to 800 different training programs.

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