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Student Ticket Opportunities

In Lviv or Kamenets for 50 UAH, free entrance to museums and clubs and other student ticket opportunities.

Many first-year students are wondering what to do with a student ticket, and why do they need it at all? We will try to answer these questions as fully as possible.

Discounts for public transport. It’s simple – in any university, having a student, it is possible to book travel for public transport at a discount of 50%. For example, monthly unlimited travel on the subway without a discount costs 300 UAH. And this is a huge set in the land. Student – only 150. Students need to book in advance – usually by the 10th day of the month in advance in the accounting department or your office. That is – to order a travel for December, you should hand over money until November 10.
Discounts for intercity transport (trains, some intercity and international carriers). So, since May 29, 2015, students have a discount of 50% on tickets for placecard and general carriages (formerly there were coupes), wagons of the 2nd and 3rd classes of Intercity and Intercity + trains.
What does that mean? That in Lviv or Kamyanets-Podilsky it is possible to go back and forth for only 100 UAH!

Also, some international carriers provide discounts to students in the amount of 10-15%.

Cinemas, bowling, water parks, rollerheads, etc. For cinemas it works like this: students are given a discount or a fixed low price for non-premier films for sessions until 17-18 pm. After the pairs will completely go down. For example, in the Oscars cinema, students receive 25% discount on weekdays for sessions before 18:00 for non-premier films (this is a movie that goes to cinemas more than a week). But in the cinema “Cinema City” (in Oceanella) the fixed price – 55 UAH per week until 18:00 on non-premier films. Or, for example, bowling. Now in the Gulliver shopping center there is an elegant campaign – at an already low price of UAH 55 for 1 hour of play on a weekday (until 5:00 pm) as a gift for another 30 minutes free of charge.
Museums. Most museums provide discounts or free entrance for students. Often this weekend is Saturday and Sunday (short day).
Seasonal discounts and event discounts. A lot of activities and institutions bet on the students as one of the most active audiences. Therefore, it is worth keeping track of discounts for the Student’s Day in November and January, until the New Year, February 14, March 8, etc.
Clubs This is a place where 90% of the audience is made up of students. Therefore, the student’s – it’s like a Doctor Who certificate – will miss everywhere from the lows of money.
International discounts. Unfortunately, they will not receive them with a Ukrainian student ticket. To do this, you need to arrange an international student ticket.
What is this all about? This is the ISIC – International Student Identity Card (International Student Identity and Status). It offers more opportunities – discounts for English courses, discounts in cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, hostels and even air tickets – yes, yes, airline tickets! – from 5 to 90%, both in Ukraine and in other countries (it is more efficient to use it abroad). You can arrange this pleasure here.

Experienced students of KIBiT share their experience of using a student ticket:

Nastya: “When I arrived in Kiev, I immediately began looking for an apartment. When she told the mistress that the student and showed the student, she made me a discount of 10% of the cost of the rent. It turned out to be very comfortable and nice. ”

Regina: “There is a wonderful thing near the Arch of Peoples’ Friendship – Trolls over the Dnipro River. The usual cost is 200 UAH. On weekdays until 17:00 for students – 100 UAH. It was unforgettable! ”

Anton: “I love museums very much. Sometimes after a couple with a discount, and more often on weekends – I go to some of the Kiev museums. The most beloved is the Museum of Ukrainian History. Also, museums often arrange thematic exhibitions, you will not get there, but students will make discounts. ”

Yana: “I’m not from Kiev, so you have to ride home periodically. If you ride twice a month – it’s 400 UAH. And so one trip back and forth costs 100 UAH. It saves money very much, therefore, for me, a student is sometimes more important than a passport! “

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