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Canadian certificate of secondary education in Ukraine is a reality!

Enrolling in the Canadian University, the student gets the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge and to pursue a profession, but also the opportunity to immigrate to Canada after receiving an education document. Of course, higher education is preceded by the end of high school. We will talk about this and many other issues with Inna Kogan.

– Inna, good day. How did it turn out that a successful lawyer – and suddenly becomes the founder of the Canadian Educational Center in Kiev?

– Actually, it is amazing, but at one moment everything just happened. Due to the fact that I am a lawyer, I have to keep track of changes in the legislation. And some 2 years ago in Canada, they passed a number of regulations that foreign children could receive secondary education, even without being in Canada, that is, remotely. As for CanSchool, it runs on the basis of a special desire-to-learn online learning platform in English. You must pass a language test for admission. Classes are held three times a week, two academic hours a day.

Licensed Canadian instructors conduct online classes and video tutorials. In addition, all students in Canadian schools are required to pass the Canadian Literacy Test. CanSchool students pass this test concurrently with their Canadian peers under the strict control of Canadian teachers in the Canadian Embassy in Kiev.

– What opportunities does Ukrainian students provide for their secondary education diploma in Canada?

– Knowledge of Canadian high school disciplines, advanced knowledge of English at CanSchool and the Canadian High School Diploma (OSSD) greatly facilitate students’ access to prestigious universities around the world and save from 1 to 2 years of preparation for higher education overseas At the same time, it is possible to apply to higher education institutions of Canada only on the basis of this diploma – without the additional passing of any exams.

– There is a conviction that learning in Europe is too expensive. Is this true for Canada? And if so, can Canada be considered an investment in their future?

– I generally think that education is an investment in the future. In our world of new technologies and intense competition in the labor market, only the right set of knowledge and skills will ensure success in the initiatives of a young specialist. Education in Kanandah is not worse than American or British in quality. According to statistics, almost one fifth of Canadian students are students from the United States. According to world rankings, the University of Toronto holds the 14th place firmly behind such giants as Harvard and Oxford, while the McGill University in Montreal, France, lags behind only a few points.

As for price policy, it is pleasantly surprising here. The cost of education in Canada is at times cheaper than American or British. The matter is not only that the Canadian dollar has fallen in relation to the American, but also that the government subsidizes higher education institutions. The Canadian government is doing its utmost to maintain a high level of education for the population. In Canada, you can get an education at one of the best universities in the world for the amount that you can really earn during the first two years of work in Canada. I believe that such an investment is quite justified as a business project!

– Lately there is a lot of talk about immigration through education. How many migrants used this opportunity?

– Immigration through education is one of the most popular ways of legal immigration to Canada. The program is designed to stop the outflow of talented and promising young professionals from Canada. From the point of view of immigration policy, graduates from Canadian universities – ideal immigrants who are guaranteed to integrate into society – will not ask for benefits, but who will pay taxes to the treasury of Canada’s emerging economies throughout their lives. All is extremely simple: after receiving a higher education in Canada, young people automatically receive a work permit. And as you correctly noted, only one year of work experience on full employment conditions leads to almost guaranteed success in registering the status of a permanent resident.

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