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What is happening with the market of tutoring services in Ukraine

Every year the market of tutoring services is growing. First of all, this is due to the lack of strong training in the school curriculum, which forces many parents to seek help from tutors so that they prepare their children for upcoming graduation tests.

Due to the increase in the number of students, the number of tutors also increases, because demand generates an offer. According to Google Trends, demand for online tutoring services is increasing by 15% each year.

Dynamics of the popularity of tutoring services on the Internet

The following teachers are most popular:

English language tutor – 28%;
tutor of mathematics – 26%;
tutor of the German and French languages ​​- 11%;
tutor of the Ukrainian language – 8%;
Tutor chemistry and biology – 8%;
tutor of physics, geography, history – 7%;
tutor of Italian and other languages ​​- 6%;
others – 6%.
Analysis of tutors providing tutoring services
Given this situation, it is interesting to see who carries out the role of a tutor, what kind of education teachers have, what kind of basic profession they own.

Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties in our country, many are trying to find an additional kind of earnings. As a result, in the market of tutoring services there is a large number of applicants, who are taking lessons not for the transfer of knowledge, but only to improve their financial position. As a result, the level of their teaching activities does not meet the necessary standards, and the quality of knowledge that they pass on to their student is quite low.

If you analyze the market of tutoring services and see who is engaged in this activity, the figures show the following picture:

teachers of higher schools – 38%;
professors of technical schools – 22%;
school teachers – 36%;
others – 4%.
The market of tutoring services in Ukraine

That is, 4% of tutors are people who do not have the experience of teaching. These include students, students at the Faculty of Philology, graduates, post-graduate students or those graduates who were unable to get a job at a school.

The negative significance of this fact is not only that they are only learning to teach and yet do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of pedagogy and psychology, but also the fact that they do not have knowledge of the requirements of the school curriculum to date. That is, for example, when preparing a school student for graduation tests, they will not be able to assist in designing or demonstrating skills. Thus, lessons with such a tutor will not bring parents and students the expected result.

Therefore, it is important to choose a tutor very seriously. To do this, it’s worth looking for a teacher on the testimonials of their acquaintances or contacting trusted agencies that cherish their reputation and provide their clients with only the best teachers of the country.

The level of demand for tutoring in Ukraine
In order to find out how many tutors are in demand in Ukraine, it is enough to review the report of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the number of graduates who were engaged with the tutor before the transfer of the External testing. According to their report, this figure is 60%. Data are also available, according to which this figure is slightly higher. This is due to the fact that some of the graduates were engaged with tutors on those subjects for which they did not pass tests.

The popularity of tutoring is justified not only by the necessity of passing graduation tests, but also by the fact that tutors use modern teaching methods that are individually oriented to each learner. They diagnose the level of knowledge of the student, and then direct all efforts to eliminate the gaps. There is no such methodology at school, so many seek to get real knowledge through private tutors.

In this way, it turns out that each family, which has children of school age, spends about $ 380 a year on average for the services of tutors. For example, only last year Ukrainians spent about $ 600 million on tutors.

The cost of tutoring services
Due to the significant growth of the foreign currency, the amount of payment for a teacher who provides individual classes suffered. If they received about $ 10-15 in the hour of their work, now this figure has decreased significantly and is only $ 5. This situation is depressing, for in other civilized countries, for example, a teacher of the same qualification level receives much more.

Summing up, it can be said that the demand for tutoring services in Ukraine is quite high. The main thing in this field is to always be in sight. That is the main rule for all teachers who want to provide their tutoring services – to be on the Internet. To date, a large amount of work is done via the Internet, and if the teacher is not there, then a much smaller number of potential students will know about him. And in order to change the financial side of its work it is worth thinking about how it can be solved. And for her sake

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