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How is it better to prepare for the OUT and the STA in English

There are not so many examinations left, so it’s time to prepare for the state final certification (STA), and, of course, to the external independent assessment (ZNO), because these exams influence a lot.

In 2017, the GIA may be set up to perform part of the tasks from the NEC, so pupils of the 9th grade can attend English courses for adolescents in order to successfully prepare for GIA, and at the same time to prepare a knowledge base in English, which will be very useful to them in the final class.

For pupils of 11 classes it will be more useful to attend English courses for adolescents, because very often schools do not pay enough attention to those issues that will later be able to assist them in the NIS. And at special courses you can not only raise your level of knowledge, but also work out the tasks that you will encounter on the exam, as well as check how current level of knowledge meets the requirements for the successful delivery of VNO.

In three months, each student will be able to learn quickly and easily to cope with all the tasks that will be set before it during the delivery of the NNO, will significantly increase its level of knowledge and gain confidence in them.

All these results are achieved through carefully selected and intelligently structured materials, experienced teachers who will help to easily acquire new knowledge, as well as their own achievements of the First Cambridge Educational Center, proven years and successful students of the University of Nova Scotia. In 2017, the team of the Center is assisted by a senior examiner on HNS, which checks the materials for the relevance and relevance of the criteria for assessing this certification.

Among the benefits of the courses is the choice of a class that will fit the student’s current level of knowledge: B1 / B1 + or B2 / C1. This will allow you to immediately start work and work on improving English. As a result, it is possible to obtain knowledge, and easily handle the tasks of VNO and GIA.

Successful delivery of EIT is very important for admission to an institution of higher education, therefore, the First Cambridge Educational Center is approaching this testing seriously and responsibly.

After completing the course, all students receive certificates from Cambridge University.

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