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Preparation of students for the VNO

Preparation of students for the HNO is one of the most important stages in the transition to adulthood. The main feature of this process is the correct and thorough preparation for the exam.

We must remember that starting the preparation for the NEC is recommended from the tenth grade. Biennial preparation is really the best option. But if such a possibility was missed, then we will gladly offer you the most optimal options, as soon as possible, more efficiently and practically prepare for the VNO.

1. Preparation is the basis of success.
Unfortunately, not many graduates realize the need for training as such. Many are hoping for a happy occasion or banal luck, someone relying on assurances from teachers that testing can be successfully completed without further training. It is enough to fulfill the tasks of the last year on selected subjects, observing all conditions, in order to see real prospects to hand over the VNO.

2. Do not miss your time.
Try to start training as soon as possible. If you think about subjects such as the history of Ukraine, geography, then, as a rule, the material passed in the middle classes is almost completely forgotten to the eleventh. Mathematics, chemistry, physics require not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills that can not be acquired in one day. Ukrainian literature and language should not have long breaks in study. For example, many works of a school program simply can not be read on the night before the exam.

3. Determine the training mode.
It is important to carefully approach the preparation of your chosen subjects. Determine what days and how long you will be engaged and try not to retreat from the intended. Observing the schedule will not allow you to be lazy, and will also be able to control your progress and understand what topics you learn more difficult.

4. It is not necessary to buy literature on preparation for VNO earlier time.
New collections for preparation for testing appear often after New Year’s holidays, and what is being sold now is nothing more than reprints of last year’s editions.

5. Repetition is the mother of the exercise.
The VNO assignments cover the entire school program from the fifth to the eleventh grade.

The curriculum of any discipline is based on the principle of “simple to complex”, and therefore it is necessary to start with the material of the fifth grade. Something may seem simple and self-evident, and something that has long been forgotten, on the contrary, can cause difficulties. At the same time, it is necessary to consider which topics are included in the tasks of the VNO.

6. Assistant.
An important point is the assistance of a specialist: a teacher, a tutor. They will be able to help solve the main problem issues, draw up a competent training plan, and set you up for the successful passing of exams. The tutor works individually, and hence all his attention is focused exclusively on you. The teacher takes into account the individual characteristics of the child, his initial knowledge and skills. To improve the memorability of the material studied, we offer you the products of our “Country Stand” factory, which will help you prepare carefully for such an important exams as VNO, and for teachers and tutors to simplify and improve the training of your students.

7. Make a note.
In bookstores, you can find a large amount of different literature to help prepare for the NIS, but it does not always contain what will be useful to you. There is nothing better than a handwritten note, because rethinking and recording information, we better remember it. Before the test, you can read your notebook and restore all important information in memory. If you suddenly have a question, then finding a rule or even an answer in your abstract is much easier than turning over different textbooks.

8. Without panic.
Often it is very difficult to refrain from the great excitement before such an important exam as VNO. The reason for this may be unreliable internet sources or false judgments that this year’s issues will be more difficult. It is not necessary to believe in it because all of them are solvable, which means that if you come up with all responsibility for the preparation, then a good result is provided to you.

In conclusion, we advise you to take responsibility for the testing: do not delay, calculate time, do not leave blank in the form – try to solve the problem at least by the method of exclusion, check yourself, carefully fill in the answers in the form, the decision to write off the neighbor in front or behind is doomed to failure: all Equally, the answers and questions in each test case are arranged differently. All these tips will help you achieve your main goal – the successful delivery of VNO. We are sure that from these points you will be able to find for yourself the most suitable and effective.

Preparation of students for the VNO
Preparation of students for the HNO is one of the most important stages in the transition to adulthood. The main feature of this process is the correct and thorough preparation…


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