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Accounting programs for students of IT and economic specialties

In the modern world, the development of information technology is gaining momentum. The IT sphere is closely and dynamically integrated into all sectors of the economy.

There is a growing need in the market for specialists who are capable of effectively using IT technologies in accounting and management processes. This calls for the training of modern information technology in all educational institutions without exception.

Important criteria for choosing an institution of higher education are the possibility of studying modern technologies, their application and the prospect of further employment.

Among the accounting and management programs to date, the system of programs “1C: Enterprise” is the most popular, effective and reliable. Thus, representatives of higher and secondary educational institutions are offered special conditions for cooperation in studying the programs “1C: Enterprise”, aimed at training young professionals in the IT industry.

Educational institutions are provided with educational materials and software products “1С: Предприятие” on preferential terms for organization of training of students. For qualitative training, PP “1C: Enterprise 8. The kit for training in higher and secondary educational institutions of Ukraine” is offered. It is a full-featured product with documentation, official methodological and technological support from the developer.

In the framework of cooperation, in addition to providing educational and methodological materials, the educational institution also has the opportunity to improve the qualification and training of its employees in the “Skylane Software” classroom on preferential terms, as well as to certify its employees free of charge on the knowledge of the software products “1С: Предприятие”.

And students and graduates of these universities often practice with subsequent employment on the basis of the distributor ABBYY Ukraine or in firms-franchisees.

It should be noted that the cooperation program already works in such universities: Ternopil State Economic University, Sumy State University, KROK University of Economics and Law, Kiev University of Market Relations, State University of Telecommunications, Rovno Economic and Humanitarian and Engineering College and many others.

Thus, participation in the project gives the following advantages:

educational institutions – to offer students the modern skills demanded in the labor market by using the “1C: Enterprise 8” software products in the educational process;
teachers – to be always aware of the actual directions of development of the IT industry, receiving methodical help of the modern level;
students and graduates – to be competitive in the labor market.

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