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How to become not just good, but the best system administrator

Technical skills are abilities that confirm qualifications, provide opportunities for career growth. However, more and more recruiters are paying attention to so-called “soft” skills. These include: the ability to maintain communication, teamwork, understanding and observance of professional ethics standards, pronounced personal qualities, creative thinking.

According to Beyond research, for employers soft skills are more valuable than technical skills. In percentage ratio – 56/44 in favor of the first. Only 40% of companies associate with applicants, in the summary of which only hard skills are indicated – hard skills that can be clearly demonstrated.

However, let’s return to the IT sphere. There is an opinion that the system administrator is a person who is closed in himself and who does not like to communicate with people. Of course, this is not the case, but this postulate appeared not accidentally. The lack of elementary correctness and rudeness towards clients, the reluctance to maintain contact with the team – all this negatively affects the career of a system administrator. I support the facts with an example. Sisadmin received the task of setting up the server, fulfilling it on time, but did not say so about it to the appropriate official. As a result, a hitch in the work of the company’s information system and a minus the offending employee in the karma.

Responsibility for the decisions taken
System Administrator – an IT specialist who supports the work of software and computer technology, is responsible for the information security of the company.

He should not just solve the problem, but think about the future. The fewer tasks are performed here and now, the better. The information system and the network must work without failures, equipment – not to break as long as possible.

To implement this, the system must constantly monitor the state of networks, hardware, software, eliminate numerous problems, attacks, threats, as well as study new IT trends and develop ways to implement them.

If unpleasant situations occur due to the fault of the system administrator, he should honestly acknowledge this, and not “translate arrows” to other employees.

Critical thinking when solving problems
The system administrator is aware of situations in which it is necessary to solve the problem quickly and qualitatively. In such cases, some admins are panicked and take unreasonable steps. As a result, this exacerbates the situation even more. Others do the opposite – they find the root cause of the problem, understand it and solve it. The first ones belong to the category of mediocre system administrators, the second to the professionals.

The ability to see the problem comes through with experience. This is the ability of the sysadmin to recognize the situations with which he has already encountered, to use old solutions for new tasks, improving them over and over again. Experienced system administrators are flexible: they know when a 100% solution is used to solve a current problem, and in which cases it needs to be optimized.

The ability to think critically gives an opportunity to analyze the problem, and not simply to get rid of it “until the next time.”

Positive attitude to work
Imagine the situation. We got into a small office and we want to ask the same frocky uncle, how he became a system administrator. The answer can be predicted with an accuracy of 90%: first training, then – working everyday life, full of uniformity and routine. All of this, of course, is tired of him, but there is no possibility to change something in life.

Then we go to a big firm. We need a head of the IT department, we ask him the same question. We meet a pleasant young man, with a smile responds that he began as everything – from training: he finished IT courses, read a lot of books, visited various industry events, talked with colleagues … and continues to do it now.

The moral of this example is this: if you go to system administration with mercenary motives, nothing will work out. In addition to the financial aspect, it is necessary to look at the positive aspects of the work. You can, for example, choose one system administration niche and refine knowledge in this area. It’s important to stay in the IT-party, constantly pump yourself.

The feeling that “I’m doing it is not just that” is the higher incentive that prompts action, initiative, invent a bicycle. Hence, perseverance, determination, responsibility – all those qualities that help sysadmin withdraw from the zone of mediocrity and go into the category of leading specialists.

Instead of deducing
A good system administrator solves the problem, the best – does it so that it no longer occurs. A good system administrator strives to acquire cool hardware and new software, the best one is to get more knowledge, skills and abilities. The first adjusts the system to itself, the second focuses on people.

In fact, these two do the same job, the difference is only in perception, goals and world outlook. Bill Gates, Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs – they all started out small, mistaken, but tried with

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